Online Programs

Grow, Succeed and Belong With Our Safe and Engaging Online Programs!


NEW! Online Programs Connect Participants with Meaningful and Fun Activities!

We are very excited to introduce new online programs for our participants.

Digital sessions cover a variety of topics and include fun and engaging activities for individuals to enjoy safely from their own home.

Programs are appropriate for participants in our Community Connect program (adults 18 and over) and Social Nights (teen and adult). 

Online programs:

  • Encourage and practice social engagement
  • Promote capacity building
  • Provide respite for parents and caregivers
  • Are purposeful and fun!


  • Sessions are delivered Monday to Friday and include day-time and evening sessions
  • Thoughtfully-created program boxes will be delivered to participants’ homes in advance of each weekly session
  • Social Nights go from October – December. Participants can join us mid-way through the session.
  • Participants will access the program through Google Classroom / Zoom on their own tablet or computer (enabled with a microphone and video camera). They will be sent the link ahead of time.

We offer direct billing to your FSCD or PDD agreement, for confirmed hours of support for online programs.

Additional Program Fees:

Additional monthly fee covers additional program supplies and program kits delivered to your door! Check program info below.

We are grateful to the Edmonton Community Foundation for supporting the program and subsidizing the cost of our program kits for participants.


Program Info

  • Community Connect

    Community Connect programs are held daily on Monday – Friday:

    • 10 am – 12 pm
    • 1 pm – 3 pm
    • Social Night Session from 6 pm – 8 pm

    Participants have access to 6 hours a day of programming (or 30 hours/week).

    Program fees are $150/month (includes Social Night sessions)



  • Social Nights

    This evening program runs daily from 6 pm – 8 pm, Monday – Friday.

    Participants access 2 sessions a week (4 hours of programming), you select which evenings you would like to participate.

    Program fees are $150/10 weeks (pro-rated if you join midway through the session).

    See below for our amazing Social Night program info!

Social Nights Program Info

  • Hooked on Books (Monday - Adult)

    Join us every Monday night for a relaxing and safe environment to share your love of books!

    We’ll read, listen to and chat about novels and poetry as a group.

    We will encourage everyone to participate and take turns reading aloud, and take part in our group discussion.

    The best part is we’ll pick novels based on the popular vote of the group. Books could include Canadian History, Classics, Fantasy, Animal Adventures, and more.

    Adult – Monday
    Instructor: Kadie

  • Cultural Explorations - Around the World With Art (Monday - Adult)

    This fall explore different cultures and experiences from around the world, all from the comfort of your very own home! Our travel guide Sarah will tour us through exciting and exotic locations like Belize, Peru, Tibet and more. After we go on a virtual tour of these amazing places, we’ll try our hand at making some international art, like making a Chinese dragon drawing, or paint a silhouette of a medieval castle.
    Adult – Monday
    Instructor: Sarah

  • Get Your Game (Night) On! (Tuesday - 17+ / Thursday - Teen)

    Are you ready for a challenge? Bring your winning attitude to our Games Night, every Tuesday! Brought to you by our games master Amanda, she’ll guide us through all different types of games, from scavenger hunts, to Jackbox, Kahoot, Family Feud, movie trivia and even an online escape room challenge.

    Learn how to be a team player and have fun with friends playing games, We’ll support each other to the finish line!
    Instructor: Amanda
    17+ – Tuesday
    Teen – Thursday

  • Wonderful World of Disney (Tuesday - 14+)

    Join us for a magical evening every Tuesday night as we explore the Wonderful World of Disney! Join your fellow princesses and pirates and test your knowledge of Disney trivia! We’ll sketch our favourite Disney characters, enjoy Disney short films, learn more about Walt Disney himself and enjoy Disney-themed crafts and activities.

    Just say bibbidy bobbidy boo to transform yourself to never-never land. We’ll make sure we never grow up with these special evenings.
    14+ – Tuesday
    Instructor: Chanelle

  • Stories That Have Made the Silver Screen (Tuesday - Teen)

    Pop that popcorn and grab a drink – it’s time to dive into all the legendary books that have become our favourite movies!

    Together, we’ll discover some of our favourite movies actually started as books – who knew?! Maybe you’ve heard of Artimus Fowl, Stargirl, Princess Diaries or Howls Moving Castle? Maybe you don’t know any of them, but that’s okay! Join your friends as we discuss these books, and their movies and much more!
    Teen – Tuesday
    Instructor: Morgann

  • Science with Shirley (Wednesday - Teen)

    Put on your thinking caps and tap into your inner scientist as we explore the wonderful world of Science with Shirley! Step away from the classroom and do some hands-on experiments! Want to have fun with physics or go bananas for biology? We’ve got you covered!

    Shirley will put the ‘party’ in the periodic table – join us for fascinating experiments and more!

    Teen – Wednesday
    Instructor: Shirley

  • Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Wednesday - 14+)

    Welcome to the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Grab your wand and let’s go! We’ll put on our sorting hats and start on this magical adventure together!

    Austin, our fearless leader, will guide us through the halls of Hogwarts and help fight off Dementors every step of the way!  Over ten weeks, we will enjoy readings from Harry Potter, complete themed projects like making your own wand, and drink butter beer while putting the finishing touches on our very own quiddich pitch!

    With trivia, movie viewings and all things Harry Potter this is sure to be a Finite Incantatem to an evening with no plans!

    14+ – Wednesday
    Instructor: Austin

  • Make Some Noise Music Night (Wednesday - Adult)

    Make some beautiful noise with us at Music Night at AdaptAbilities! We’ll create our own instruments, learn new songs and dance our evenings away! They say that music is the rhythm of life and we’ll discover this together! We’ll explore different instruments from around the world and learn popular songs to sing and play along with.

    Wednesday – Adult
    Instructor: Ben

  • Colour Your World Art Club (Thursday - Adult)

    Colour Your World is our Adult Art Club, held every Thursday night. Instructor Landon will focus our attention to the beauty in the world around us and the fun we can have from creating something from scratch. Join him Thursday evenings as we explore our artistic sides using various mediums of art.
    Instructor: Landon
    Adult – Thursdays

  • Dancing Yogi's (Thursday - Teen)

    Do you have a love of movement? Or a desire to dust off your Patrick Swayze dancing shoes? Unroll your yoga mat, and let the music move you! This is YOUR class!

    Life is a party and Kristen is here to dance the night away! Let the fun begin with high energy Zumba dancing. Kristen will show you some new dance moves, and we’ll learn how movement can shape our minds. We will transition and wrap up each evening with some yoga or ballet barre as we hangout around a cup of tea and talk the night away.

    As Taylor Swift always says, “Shake it off”. Have some fun with friends as we melt the stresses of the week away! Sign Up TODAY!

    Teen – Thursday
    Instructor: Kristen

  • Sport Fusion Featuring Spin (Friday - 16+)

    Yes, you read that right! Spin class from your very own home. We are proud to offer a sports fusion club, featuring spin classes every Friday night.

    All you need is a bike and a water bottle. Get off the couch and get ready for fun with coach Hayley!

    Friday – 16+
    Coach: Hayley

  • Paint and Party Night (Friday - Teen)

    Wrap up your week with this super fun evening, hosted by Anushka Benny! Bring your favourite drink and join Anushka as she teaches you how to paint in a relaxed environment. We guarantee lots of laughs and great conversation! We’ll express ourselves creatively through art, as well as dancing. In addition to being an artist, Anushka is a trained classical and folk dancer!
    Instructor: Anushka
    Teen – Fridays

The Online Program – COVID-19 Response is supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Edmonton Community Foundation.