Community Partner Spotlight: Devon Andersen of The Mobile Yoga Studio

Learning to enjoy living in the bodies we have is something everyone should have the opportunity to explore. Our bodies do more than carry us from place to place; they connect us to the world. For people with disabilities, fostering a healthy mind-body connection is especially important.


A brown haired white woman standing in front of a city skyscape
Devon Andersen at the Muttart Conservatory

As the owner of The Mobile Yoga Studio, Devon Andersen works to foster a safe and inclusive practice for people of all body types. A long-time yoga practitioner, Devon believes that “Yoga is for all.” Her mobile studio allows her to connect with people in the places where they feel most comfortable and safe.  In October of 2020, we reached out to her to see if she would work with our participants.  She jumped at the opportunity to bring what she does and loves to “such a wonderful community.”  Over a year later, we could not be happier to have her as a Community Partner.

For her, working with AdaptAbilities participants has allowed her to share Yoga with “folks of varying abilities who may not have the best access to these types of classes.” Watching participants gain confidence and flourish leaves Devon’s heart “full of joy.” Working with participants in these classes leaves Devon and her students feeling engaged and uplifted.


A brown-haired white woman sitting on the floor with left arm resting on a white sectional
Devon at home

Before working with AdaptAbilities, Devon had not had much opportunity to work with individuals with disabilities and now she finds it has “reignited” her passion for accessible and inclusive Yoga. To her, AdaptAbilities provides a safe space where learning and growth is fostered. A space where, as soon as you walk in the door, “the aura that nurture community and friendship” is felt. She hopes more people could see that the community that AdaptAbilities built is incredible and one “that everyone can learn something from.”

Outside of her partnership with AdaptAbilities, Devon works with local schools and community centres. She also offers sliding scale pricing so that everyone can have the opportunity to come together and learn Yoga.

Thank you for sharing your passion, Devon!