Meet some of the incredible families who work with AdaptAbilities!

Our Impact

Our impact can be measured not only in the lives of our participants, but in the greater community that surrounds each person and their families who receive our services.

Outcomes for Families

  • Increased happiness and emotional well-being
  • Greater financial stability and ability to spend time on careers
  • Opportunities for self-care that would otherwise be unattainable

Outcomes for Participants

  • Increased confidence and personal growth
  • New friendships and a sense of belonging
  • More purpose and meaning in their lives

Outcomes for Community

  • Raised awareness about contributions and abilities of individuals
  • Connected local businesses with a valuable new workforce



Since coming to AdaptAbilities, Maya has transformed like a butterfly. She has become increasingly independent, previously using helplessness to convince people to do things for her, rather than completing them herself.

While making new friends, Maya has developed her gross motor skills – walking and talking during camp was a great way to stay active and work on her strength and development! Her mom says that she has seen “leaps and bounds” in Maya’s strength and development thanks to the Rec and Motor development activities she has taken part in at AdaptAbilities!

Maya loves arts and crafts, and has developed her fine motor skills to the point where she can now write her first and last name – a feat that she did not have the strength for before coming to AdaptAbilities. All of these pieces roll into the largest goal yet – Maya becoming the best girl she can be; a friend, a daughter, a sister, and best of all, a camper!

"Her mom has seen "leaps and bounds" in Maya's strength and development thanks to the Rec and Motor development activities she has taken part in at AdaptAbilities!"

Jacinta and Preston

Jacinta and Preston

At seven, my son Preston was given more letters after his name than a doctor.  He was diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, ODD and Tourettes. My family lives far away, so it has always been us against the world.  I didn’t do anything except work and take care of him; I felt guilty every time I voiced that I needed a break as it made me feel like a bad mom.  As he aged out of daycare, I was petrified as to what that meant for school breaks, especially in the summer. Then, my FSCD worker introduced us to AdaptAbilities.

Preston’s first program at AdaptAbilities was “Teen Night”, teaching him ETS safety, and participating in activities regardless of his disability. He formed friendships with kids close to his age. Kids who didn’t judge him for being different. Preston’s Teen Night independence gave me three hours every Thursday to participate in a class, have dinner with friends or run errands. More importantly, I realized that I shouldn’t feel guilty for needing a break.

AdaptAbilities taught my son to accept his limitations and work within them; they taught me how to give him independence without worrying. AdaptAbilities gave me time to take care of myself and be the best mom I could be. AdaptAbilities gave Preston the tools to open his mind to all possibilities.

Watching Preston grow into a young man with confidence, a great sense of humour, and no shame for being different makes me wish I had learned about AdaptAbilities sooner.

"Adaptabilities gave Preston the tools to open his mind to all possibilities. AdaptAbilities gave me time so I could be the best mom I could be."



An avid animal lover, Ainsley will be quick to tell you about her passions – Dogs with Wings and horses. She loves being active and outdoors and is often seen socializing with her Relief Care Specialist, Urvi, her brother, or some of the friends that she made at camp!

Ainsley has been working hard on her math skills, learning how to use numbers and transferring those skills to learning about money management. This past Christmas, she visited the Butterdome Craft sale, and was able to make purchases independently, calculating the correct payment and ensuring she was given the right change.

Ainsley loves coming to McKernan Centre because she loves the calm, serene environment of the sensory room. In fact, she loves it so much, she is working hard at creating her very own sensory room at home! A personal project, Ainsley is using her personal creativity and expression to make her dream a reality.


Ainsley is working to build her own sensory room at home!



Andrew has been with AdaptAbilities since 2015. Since then, Andrew has not only made an incredible group of friends at Community Connect, but he has also taken his easy-going, social nature and transformed it into his first business; cutting lawns. This has helped him learn important life skills like financial literacy and money management. A win-win!

Andrew loves trying new things. His volunteer opportunity at the Reuse Centre has provided him with the opportunity to create systematic sorting and organizational methods, things he uses in his everyday life!

A goal of Andrew is to work towards a healthier lifestyle, eating right and exercising – and it helps that his business is focused around activity!

Andrew hopes to continue to grow his business, cutting lawns in a neighborhood near you!


Andrew has recently launched his own business!



AdaptAbilities has been a part of our family’s life for over a decade.

When I was in high school, I always rushed home after school because my parents worked full-time, and someone needed to be home when Victor’s school bus dropped him off.

My family decided to find a support program for Victor to attend after school to make it easier for Victor and for us.

The hard part was finding somewhere that would help Victor work on skill development, build lasting friendships, and provide him with a strong sense of belonging.

Thanks to AdaptAbilities, Victor can comfortably speak on the phone with friends and family, make speeches in front of a crowd of people, go to work and come back with the same big smile, show staff which bus routes to take and when to call DATS on behalf of his friends at the centre.

He dances like there’s no tomorrow.

The Victor we see now, compared to 13 years ago, is beaming with self-confidence, demonstrating independence, and conveying self-expression. It has been quite the experience seeing Victor and AdaptAbilities grow up together, almost hand-in-hand, both learning and improving in every which way. My family is incredibly indebted to Michelle and all of the AdaptAbilities staff for everything that they have done for us, but more importantly, for Victor. Thank you for accepting Victor for who he is and for showing us who he can become.  — Megan Siu (Victor’s Sister) 

"Thank you for accepting Victor for who he is and for showing us who he can become."

Austin and Paige

Austin and Paige

Both of our children, Austin (14) and Paige (10) have been involved with AdaptAbilities for over 5 years now.

“We are tremendously thankful for all that they do to improve the lives of children, and young adults with diverse abilities in our city and surrounding communities.”

AdaptAbilities’ staff are so amazing with the kids when they attend their programs.

AdaptAbilities’ programming allows our kids to have that required social interaction with their peers that provides a launching pad to successful integration into community; providing them with opportunities for personal growth. Some of my greatest memories as a kid were times out with friends – exploring, learning, interacting, and having fun. These programs provide our kids with those experiences and memories that are not usually within their grasp.

I can’t say enough about Alberta AdaptAbilities Association’s programs, the staff and the positive long term effects they provide for our children.

Thank you AdaptAbilities!

"We are tremendously thankful for all that they do to improve the lives of children, and young adults with diverse abilities in our city."