Year-Round Programs

At AdaptAbilities, we are committed to building capacity, understanding and opportunity for individuals with special needs.

Our goal-oriented respite programs are thoughtfully organized by our Relief Care and Community Specialists to provide participants with an inclusive space to learn and grow.

Year-round programs are
designed to teach participants:

  • Essential life skills
  • Expressive arts and recreations; and,
  • Motor development

these programs include:

  • Centre Respite

    Our centres are fully equipped with tools, resources, games and activities for participants to enjoy while their parents or guardians head out to run errands, go to an appointment, or just take a break.

  • Out-Of-School Care

    We offer many structured activities for children and youth to enjoy in an inclusive environment. Our out-of-school care gives participants a chance to do homework, play games, and get active.

  • Social Nights

    Weekly social nights allow pre-teens, teens and adults to hang out and build lasting relationships with new friends! Each activity is geared towards decision-making, increasing independence, and improving inclusivity.

  • In Home

    Our relief care and community specialists are trained to provide in-home respite services for families to suit their unique needs. Our staff will help participants engage with their community through outings, assist with personal care and even help them find volunteer or part-time work.

  • Community Connect (18+)

    This program is designed to help adults increase their independence so they can face the world with confidence while fostering community connections. Activities include volunteering, finding employment, building relationships, and more!

  • High School Transition

    For adults wanting to continue their high school education, we offer a safe and welcoming “home away from home” at AdaptAbilities. We’ll teach participants how to thrive on their own through experiential learning opportunities.

  • Essential Transit Training

    Essential Transit Training is a 30 session program for individuals in high school looking to increase their independence with Edmonton’s transit system. Each week, individuals are provided with an educational training session focusing on specific components, such as: safety, route planning, identifying signage, and more. Weekly sessions contain a lesson, a light meal, and a field trip into community accessed by transit.