Team Member Spotlight

Meet the incredible team members who work at AdaptAbilities!

Our Team

Meet Our Team!

AdaptAbilities is a large “For Impact” organization with a diverse and committed workforce. Cultivating teamwork is one of our core values. We are intentional about:

  • Finding strength in diversity and respecting others
  • Valuing trust and authentic communication
  • Creating efficient and effective teams that deliver excellence
  • Rolling up our sleeves to demonstrate extraordinary effort and getting things done 

Our Team Members

Some of Our Positions

  1. Community Specialists – In-Home and Respite Centre Community Specialists are ambassadors who create safe, caring and community-enriched lives for the individuals and families who hire us. They establish real relationships and create meaningful days by implementing thoughtful programs and by supporting participants to connect to their communities.
  2. Program Supervisors – Manage and support the performance of Community Specialists to successfully deliver programs.
  3. Admin Support Team – Our diverse team includes HR, Operations, Finance, Marketing and Fund Development team members who make an impact and execute our vision


Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet Our Board

Our Board of Directors provides valuable direction and support for our organization and we thank them for their efforts: