Hearts in Action Summer Camps


Locations and Activity Calendars

  • Locations

    Please Note: These are tentative locations. Due to renting or leasing third party facilities, camp locations may change at any time. All parties will be notified as soon as possible if a change were to occur.  Camp locations will be confirmed closer to start of camps. A confirmation email MUST be received to attend camp at the provided location.


  • Activity Calendars

    Let the fun begin! Our activity calendars give you a look into the excitement that awaits at our summer camps.


Camp Options

  • Hearts in Action Summer Camp (Ages 3-14)

    Our themed weekly programs will keep little campers entertained and having fun all summer long!

    WEEK 1: JULY 2 – 5  | Mission Impossible
    TOP SECRET: As an AdaptAbilities Secret Agent, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to make this the best summer ever! Along the way you will acquire the skills of a Secret Agent by solving problems, maneuvering through obstacles, and accomplishing missions! No mission is impossible if you’re the secret agent!

    WEEK 2: JULY  8– 12 | Lost in Space
    ASTRONAUTS ASSEMBLE! Get ready to blast off into a week of camp that is out of this world! Camp Astronauts will learn about gravity, launch rocket ships, and create constellations. We will moonwalk across the planets and get lost exploring the Milky Way! Slip into your spacesuit and aboard the space shuttle as we blast off in 3…2…1!

    WEEK 3: JULY 15 – 19 | Wilderness Wonders
    READY TO EXPLORE? Grab your binoculars, cameras, and compasses for this week’s excursion. Campers will explore the diversity of wildlife all around us and all creatures of the Canadian wilderness. Campers will create habitats, learn survival techniques, and scavenge for all the hidden treasures Mother Nature has to offer!

    WEEK 4: JULY 22 – 26 | Game Changer
    GAME ON! Board Games, Sport Games, Giant Games, Outdoor Games, and Games Shows – there’s no limit to the level of fun! Campers will create and explore new games and work together to be the Game Changer Champion! Whether it’s on a board or on a field, it’s time to play!

    WEEK 5: JULY 29 – AUGUST 2 | Deep Sea Adventure
    SNORKELS READY! Starfish, sharks, and all things fishy come out to play this week as campers dive deep into underwater to discoveries and legends. What mysterious marine life will we discover this week?

    WEEK 6: August 6 – 9 | Down to a Science
    CHEMICAL REACTION? Density? States of matter? The world of science contains so many unanswered questions! Join this silly week of creation, observation, predictions, and solving! From slime and experiments to eruptions and explosions, get ready as Jr. Scientists will explore the mysteries of science through a variety of hands-on experiments.

    WEEK 7: AUGUST 12 – 16 | Imagination Station
    LIMITLESS EXPLORATION! Our Campers will embark upon a grand adventure where they can explore and create using the colours of their imagination through art, storytelling, theatre, and more! This is the place where pigs fly, cows jump over the moon and stories come to life! Let your imagination run wild!

    WEEK 8: AUGUST 19 – 23 | Camp Rewind
    RESTART THE SUMMER! Our time machine is set to take us back to the beginning of summer! Hop on board and journey through time as we hit the rewind button to embark on an entire summer worth of adventure in one week and dream about next summer.

  • Adventure, Together Teen Camp (Ages 15-17)

    No parents allowed! Our teen camps create opportunities for friendships and personal development, but most importantly, fun. Let’s go on an adventure together!

  • Young Adult Camps (Ages 18-22)

    This is a fun place for young adults to cultivate their social and life-skills in a safe, supported environment. Participants will enjoy goal-oriented and meaningful days together with the AdaptAbilities team.

  • Adult Program (Ages 23+)

    Our adult program creates opportunities for community connection and social skill development. Our adult summer program is located at our Orange Hub, McKernan Centre and Millbourne Market Mall locations.

  • Inclusion Camp (All Ages)

    You pick the camp and we’ll provide a dedicated AdaptAbilities support team member! Inclusion Camps encourage your child to explore their own interests to join any camp in the community. This camp nurtures belonging and friendships and builds on our vision of inclusion.