First Foundation Donor Spotlight

AdaptAbilities’ focus on empowering individuals with both visible and invisible disabilities to grow, succeed, and belong has deeply resonated with First Foundation.

First Foundation is a unique financial services company that combines the choice, advice, and competitive rates of an independent brokerage with the convenience of a one-stop-shop. Specializing in mortgages, insurance, and financial planning, they are dedicated to helping Canadians OWN, GROW, and PROTECT their futures.

In 2019, they began their journey of support with AdaptAbilities. Gordon McCallum, President of First Foundation, recalls the opportunity he had to hear the many stories told by children and their families about how AdaptAbilities was supporting them.

“Many of them were quite touching and heartfelt. It was inspirational to hear how they were able to do meaningful work, despite some of the challenges they face, and build hope and self-esteem in the process.”

First Foundation’s continued support stems from seeing the tangible differences AdaptAbilities makes in the lives of families and individuals.

“I see the organization as having a lasting impact on the lives of these people and the community. Their dedication to nurturing friendships and inclusivity showcases the profound impact of their programs, motivating us to remain a part of AdaptAbilities’ mission,” McCallum states.

They recognize that the most vital work AdaptAbilities does is provide a supportive and adaptive environment where individuals with diverse abilities can thrive. AdaptAbilities’ emphasis on empowerment and belonging not only transforms lives but fosters a more inclusive society. The respite services offered to families also have a huge impact because the demands on families who need this care are so massive and can be overwhelming at times.

First Foundation’s mission is to empower the ownership, growth, and protection of individuals and families through financial literacy and tailored solutions, ensuring they not only achieve their immediate financial goals but also secure a prosperous future.

Above all, First Foundation values leadership, honesty, consistency, choice, and commitment. These principles guide their approach to offering personalized and ethical financial services, aiming to make a lasting positive impact on every life they touch.

Beyond financial support, they engage in community initiatives through volunteering, educational programs, and partnerships with local organizations. Their goal is to contribute to the well-being and resilience of our community, fostering opportunities for growth and protection for everyone.

AdaptAbilities is grateful for the ongoing support from First Foundation. Together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive community where everyone belongs.

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