Meet Toni!

Toni loves music and has a fondness for songs and videos from Michael Jackson. He enjoys dancing, spending time with his friends, and treating himself to a sprinkled doughnut at Tim Hortons!

Prior to utilizing AdaptAbilities’ services, trying to find support led to many anxious and difficult times in his mother’s life while she was working as a single parent. As Toni is nonverbal, it was difficult to find trustworthy services to best support Toni and still allow his mother to maintain employment.

Toni often struggled with large groups or people standing behind him, which would lead to anxious moments. One-on-one support in our In-Home program has provided him with a healthy and safe environment.

Toni works with his current Community Specialist, Julie. Over time, Julie has a noted a significant decrease in his anxiety as a result of increasing routines and structure throughout the day.

Julie has built a trusting relationship with Toni that has allowed him to attend venues with other people and not be overwhelmed, such as his brother’s Christmas concert last December!

Julie has learned to recognize his moments where anxiety increases, and both have learned to communicate together visually and recognize facial cues and mannerisms.

AdaptAbilities has allowed Toni’s mom to work without fear or worry for him and has made for an overall positive experience for both Toni and his family!