Frances Kilgour Donor Spotlight

While working at Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, Frances Kilgour met Michelle Hordal, founder and CEO of AdaptAbilities. Frances felt lucky to see Michelle’s passion and dedication to help others, and she found she wanted to support the organization. For the past few years, Frances has contributed to making a difference in the lives of the families AdaptAbilities serves, by making monthly donations.

As a parent, Frances has looked around at the community supports available for a variety of needs, and expresses that nothing resonates more with her than AdaptAbilities, as it creates inclusivity and belonging for a specific group that can be marginalized.  She loves hearing about the difference AdaptAbilities makes in the day-to-day life of families. Frances continues to support AdaptAbilities because the joy and hope that resonates from the participant and family stories is an amazing testament to the value of donations.

Frances places an importance on how AdaptAbilities creates an atmosphere where kids can go to be kids, feel welcome and included. She hopes that more families that need services learn about the organization. In addition, she states that donating is easy! With donations from donors such as Frances, AdaptAbilities can reach its goal of serving 10,000 individuals by 2030!

Frances works at Redline Fabrication, a local software company and family business in Edmonton that specializes in custom fabrication. She has noted that throughout the pandemic, the business has been lucky to work away from the front-line and notes the importance of donating during these times.

Family, health, and gratitude have always been paramount values to her and states, “There is an incredible amount that you can endure and work through if you have a strong foundation in place to support you.”

Not only does Frances give to AdaptAbilities, but she and the team at Redline Fabrication also give back to other community initiatives such as participating in supporting local sports to create a strong foundation for girls in the community.  Frances strives to pay it forward by supporting local food banks and the world food program. Acknowledging the wrongdoings of the past and engaging in supporting the victims, families, and communities of residential schools are also of utmost importance to her.

Frances Kilgour’s dedication to the community is considerable. She continues creating possibilities for families at AdaptAbilities, and creates impact in the greater community. Thank you, Frances!