Maya’s Story: Fun and Friendships

“As for goal in Adaptabilities, the playground, has been a huge help in our goal for her to get stronger and grow in her gross motor skills.  All of the walking and movement at camp and respite has allowed Maya in these last four years to make leaps and bounds in her strength and development.  We used to tell the kids to pick up everything, as she would literally trip on a piece of paper.  I would walk behind her, ready to catch her from falling.” – Jessica, Maya’s Mom

This is just a small piece in the Hearts In Action puzzle that speaks not only to fun and friendships, but also to skill building and development.

Seeing Maya in the above video, you wouldn’t see the “before” that Mom is describing. Thanks to AdaptAbilities, Maya has been able to pair having fun, with building strength and skills.

Our Annual Fun-Raising Dinner on May 2nd will help more kids like Maya attend camp, find a BFF, and also, become stronger as an individual.

Will you help?