Meet Hima!

Hearts In Action Summer Camps are an exciting time at AdaptAbilities and 2021 was no exception! It was a summer filled with fun, friendships and joy. I’d like to tell you about one of this summer’s campers, Hima (name changed for privacy).

Hima is a friendly, extroverted six year old wise beyond her years. She has a love for learning new things! It wouldn’t surprise Hima’s family if she becomes a scientist one day as she enjoys spending her free time creating experiments – and she is an excellent math student! When she is not testing her scientific theories, Hima likes doing crafts and going to the spray park.

Hima is her own advocate who voices her needs and wants and exerts a captivating confidence in her everyday routine. At the same time, Hima struggles with the social challenges that come with her Autism diagnosis. While she is a social butterfly and loves to interact with those around her, she often experiences difficulty when communicating with peers her own age. Transitioning between activities can also be a challenge for Hima as she finds it difficult to move from one activity to another.

Hima loved every minute of Hearts in Action Summer Camps!

From trying new crafts and activities with peers on Zoom to improving her social skills at the spray park, Hima is growing in so many ways!

Noticeably, over the past few months, Hima has improved transitioning from task to task, making for more seamless interactions with her friends and family! With the support of her Community Specialist, Hima has newfound confidence when approaching her peers that has made her quite popular at the playground. Hima has a new question added to her repertoire – “Can you be my friend?”

We’re excited to see Hima grow, succeed, and belong!