Why You’ll Have the Best. Summer. Ever. at HIA Summer Camp!

Our camps are designed for children, youth and adults with special needs, and gives them the opportunity to have fun while increasing their independence.

Not your average summer camp

Each day, a structured routine offers participants recreation and motor development, essential life skills, and expressive arts activities as part of the AdaptAbilities promise.

Unique themes

Each week follows a unique theme, filled with adventures and field trips! Some of our favourites to look forward to this summer? It’s a tough choice, but we can’t wait for Secret Agent Academy: 007 Experience & Mad Science! All are facilitated by highly qualified Relief Care Specialists.

Educational life experiences

We engrain educational components and learning moments which can be incorporated into life experiences year-round. Whether we are using games, videos, slideshows, field trips, all of our activities have a purpose.

Smaller group settings

Knowledgeable staff and smaller group sizes means our Hearts In Action Summer Camp empowers campers to grow, succeed, and belong, one action packed week at a time! We operate under a 1:4 staff-to-camper ratio to ensure this is possible!


Summer is a busy time for everyone, which is why we assist participants and families every morning and afternoon, before and after camp. We also offer Inclusion Camps which are perfect for those campers who would like to attend a community camp with the help of an AdaptAbilities staff member.

Select spots are still available if you are interested in registering for this summer’s camp programs! Visit https://adaptabilities.ca/hia-program-registration/ or contact us to arrange an inquiry.