Meet Victoria

Meet Victoria!

Victoria is a 7-year-old creative dynamo!

She loves expressing herself through drawing, painting, forming clay and building with her legos.

It takes time for Victoria to connect with others as her combined Autism and ADHD diagnosis creates dis-regulation and rigidity.

Speech, independence and learning how to be safe in the community is difficult for Victoria.



Meet her “Big Friend”

Victoria receives services from her big ‘friend’ Karen, who is an AdaptAbilities in-home Community Specialist.

Karen recognizes Victoria’s abilities and plays an important role in nurturing Victoria’s growth. Karen helps Victoria participate in physical activities and models positive traits. Victoria’s listening skills have greatly improved and she is able to do more physical things.

Victoria’s Mom

Victoria’s mom knows this is an important time in Victoria’s life. “We know the adult Victoria becomes in the future depends on the support we give her today. Without the support of AdaptAbilities, we would not have as much energy to reach our goal of Victoria becoming independent.”


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