Alana’s Story😃

Alana is an amazing and friendly individual! Alana loves knitting, using the computer, and listening to music. If you ask her what her favourite song is, she would gladly tell you! Alana enjoys practicing her math skills, often choosing to use an abacus as her counter. She adores dogs and will frequently count them and share her sightings with her family. As Alana is close with her family, she also enjoys collecting photographs of them.

Alana lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Epilepsy and has challenges balancing her anxiety when entering new environments or encountering loud noises. Despite the challenges Alana faces, she continues to grow everyday!

Alana resides in a group living environment and attends the AdaptAbilities’ McKernan Respite Centre Monday to Friday. The Community Specialists have taken the time to learn about Alana’s world and ensure her wants and needs are heard, while encouraging participation in activities and learning opportunities that are meaningful to her such as math exercises and knitting.

Alana finds trust in the Community Specialists and now feels safer when meeting new people. With their support, she has learned how to manage her own anxiety with breathing exercises and will sometimes provide advice to her peers who are also feeling anxious. Alana takes pride in her ability to self-regulate with her learned breathing techniques.

Alana looks forward to activities and engaging with her peers with her newly enhanced self-confidence and increased social skills. Alana enjoys spending time with her friends and appreciates those around her at McKernan Centre. It truly is amazing to see the connections she has made. Alana is quite the extraordinary young woman!