Brandi’s Story

Brandi loves everything about Oilers Nation. She is the Oilers’ number one fan, often seen sporting a blue and orange hoodie! She enjoys staying active by running and playing basketball. Fun fact: Brandi also loves to cook. Her mashed potatoes are a crowd favourite!

Brandi uses American Sign Language (ASL), texting, and writing to connect with others. A natural teacher, she has even taught AdaptAbilities’ team members and other participants ASL! Brandi has been attending Community Connect since 2017 and has learned to set attainable goals to develop her daily living and independence skills.

Since attending the Orange Hub location, Brandi has successfully achieved multiple goals. Previously, Brandi was shy and anxious when meeting new people or trying new things. Now, Brandi has developed meaningful strategies to cope with anxiety and is the first person to introduce herself to new people! She is the life of the party and is continuously making the people in her life laugh. As a compassionate and thoughtful person, Brandi will often write notes to her friends letting them know she is thinking of them.

Brandi also now works part-time at AdaptAbilities, recently celebrating one year with us! During the workday, Brandi puts her passion for organization to the test. Responsible for assembling the kits for our Online Programs, she carefully organizes the supplies and resources. Her dedication to preparing these kits means our at-home participants are fully equipped with everything they need to succeed.

As a participant and team member, Brandi is a champion who embodies AdaptAbilities’ dedication to helping individuals grow, succeed, and belong. Go Brandi!