Jacinta Duffet Donor Spotlight

Jacinta Duffet is one of our amazing donors! Over the years, she has contributed annually, and in 2020, joined our Circle of Champions Monthly Donor Program.

At 13, her son started using AdaptAbilities’ services including Hearts in Action Camps and Social Nights after he was no longer eligible for daycare. Now, at almost 22 years old, her son is no longer a participant, but she and her family are still thankful and grateful for the support they received.

Jacinta and her son Preston.

Jacinta says she continues to donate because “AdaptAbilities is such an important service for families with people in their lives with disabilities. AdaptAbilities saved me and my son, so if my donations can help another single mother the way it did me, then I will always donate.”

One of the main things she enjoys about AdaptAbilities is that it gives peace of mind to families. “With the programming, support, and camps, I was able to watch my son grow into a young man who could finally order for himself at a restaurant, talk to others without shying away, and take part in activities I never would have been able to take him to myself. I was able to finally realize that as a single mother I was not alone. There were others out there who were going through the same things I was, and I wasn’t a bad mom for wanting or needing a break.”

Jacinta wishes more families knew that AdaptAbilities existed. She tries her best to post and share on social media as much as she can so she can help raise awareness for AdaptAbilities and its services. She also wishes that more people knew how lucky they are to have their children participating in programs where they are taken care of by staff who actually care not only about their safety, but about their hearts being full and happy!

Jacinta works in accounting and bookkeeping, where both her and her employer value family. Her values are noticeable with her contributions to the community, as she also donates monthly to the Stollery Foundation and participates in events that advocate for services that support children and adults with disabilities.

Jacinta states, “I will forever be an advocate for AdaptAbilities, so as a donor my experience has been exactly as it was when I was a parent with a child in the programs – like I am family.”

AdaptAbilities is grateful to have Jacinta as part of the Adaptabilities’ family and appreciates her continued advocacy and support! Thank you!