Meet Bre!

Bre is an extraordinarily creative and clever individual. She loves to express herself through card-making, scrapbooking, and writing stories. She also loves to read and collect books from The Babysitter’s Club series! She has a bright, outgoing personality and is a wonderful person to be around.

Bre has always wanted to make new friends and build social connections. She has a vision of constantly being surrounded by friends while doing the things that she loves to do. However, her experience with anxiety has made it challenging for her to meet new people. Bre was motivated and keen to work towards her goals but was not sure how to.

Things changed when Bre accessed services from AdaptAbilities. At Community Connect, Bre is supported in setting her own goals and planning out meaningful days. During this time, she has made a lot of new friends, who she enjoys playing board games and doing crafts with. One of her favourite places to go to with her friends is the public library. In 2020, she also joined the AdaptAbilities team as an Online Delivery Driver and helped distribute online activity kits for Social Nights and HIA summer camp!

Bre feels incredibly supported at AdaptAbilities, where the staff respect her abilities and celebrate her successes. With the support of AdaptAbilities, Bre has gained self-confidence and valuable life skills, enabling her to work towards her vision and goals. Way to go, Bre!