Meet Erin – She’s Extraordinary!

Erin is a bright, funny, and caring person. She loves being around her friends and staff in the AdaptAbilities’ Community Connect program. If you’re ever feeling down, Erin can brighten your day. There is no shortage of compliments, words of encouragement, laughs and joking around when you’re spending time with Erin! Erin enjoys and is open to many activities as long as her friends are tagging along. She likes learning about and trying new things all the time!

Erin’s mom, Michelle, was concerned about Erin’s experiences at school. It was difficult for Michelle to hear from Erin’s teachers that she was “incapable of having friends.”

While Erin lives with health challenges that affect the way she interacts with people, her school experiences were naturally hardest on Erin herself, especially in light of the fun-loving and caring person that she is.

When Erin came to AdaptAbilities, everything changed. AdaptAbilities’ staff accepted Erin for who she is: an out-going, out-spoken, “blast” of a good time. She is extraordinary! Erin made friends. She met people who cared about her and took the time to get to know her. Erin is super excited to attend Community Connect, as she has found a place where she can grow, succeed and belong.

Erin has grown in confidence and has a thorough understanding of her self-identity. She feels like she is part of something. She does not hesitate to express herself and is taking every opportunity to make the best of what life has to offer!