Jamal brings a touch of music to everything!

Today we would like to share with you a story about Jamal.

Jamal is an exceedingly kind and happy young man. He enjoys his time at AdaptAbilities and over the years has made lots of friends. He is extremely popular, his sense of humour is incredible. Jamal loves music, watching videos on YouTube and is learning to play the guitar.

For several years, Jamal has participated as the co-emcee for our Annual Fundraising Events, sharing his joy and exuberance with attendees and rapping with the entertainment for the evening. What a crowd pleaser he is! While Jamal lives life on the Autism Spectrum, his charm, wit and musical talents are unforgettable.

When Covid-19 hit, Jamal was devastated to not be at our centre and around his friends every day. Once we launched our Online Programs, Jamal joined us again and quickly became a very active participant.

Jamal is learning many hands-on skills such as personal care, money management and job interview preparation. In his evening sessions, he gets his creative juices flowing with art projects. Jamal especially loves our Make Some Noise music night as he displays his great love for music.

Our Online Programs have allowed Jamal to reconnect with his peers and given him a renewed purpose each day. This helps him to keep a routine and provide much-needed respite for his family.

Jamal shows up to every class with a big smile on his face and is an inspiration to all of us!