ABCRC Donor Spotlight

Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC) is an eco-friendly business that practices sustainability through collecting and recycling used beverage containers. Among others, their mission is to operate a “common collection system for registered containers” and to promote proper collection of non-refillable beverage containers.

ABCRC began as a response to the Beverage Container Recycling Regulation and the demand for “manufacturers using regulated non-refillable beverage containers to appoint a common collection system agent to operate the collection system”. The creation of ABCRC helped to solve the problem of recycling used beverage containers in Alberta.

Since ABCRC was established, the need to protect Alberta’s environment has intensified. ABCRC has made it their mission to respond to Alberta’s environmental concern by expanding its operations. They are now the largest beverage container collection system in Canada and collect a number of beverage container material types.

Today, ABCRC has been in operation for over 42 years and they continually strive to “reduce their own environmental footprint by operating in an environmentally conscious manner that exceeds what is required under the Regulation.” They operate under a few guiding principles such as “minimizing the cost of beverage container recycling” and “promoting and encouraging beverage container recovery.”

As a supporter of not-for-profit organizations, charities and local organizations, ABCRC began supporting AdaptAbilities in 2019. After learning about our programming for kids with special needs, ABCRC decided to contribute to our cause. “At ABCRC, we focus on supporting education, particularly through youth, which aligns with ABCRC’s goals to teach our youngest Albertans about the importance of caring for the environment and the communities we live in.”

ABCRC describes AdaptAbilities as a “socially responsible company” and values our human rights approach. They believe that social stewardship benefits the organization, the employees, and the community.

Their continued support to not-for-profit organizations in our community has opened up possibilities and empowered companies to do good for others. You can view the list of organizations they support on their website.

“In addition to environmental and economic sustainability, social stewardship is key to our purpose; establishing recycling programs, supporting community initiatives and local employment opportunities all create a foundation that supports ABCRC’s goal of continually improving recycling rates in Alberta.”

We truly appreciate their support as champions!  Because everyone has the right to grow, succeed and belong.