Bre’s Journey to Employment and Independence

In 2023, Bre had been focused on attaining independence through transit and finding a meaningful job. Despite her efforts in searching for and applying for jobs, she was not given the opportunity to showcase her abilities.

Keyera, a company interested in creating a more inclusive workspace, approached AdaptAbilities after hearing about another participant’s success with employment. Keyera wanted to hire someone for an administrative role. When AdaptAbilities shared this information to Bre, she expressed great interest!

Bre was invited to the work site to check out the space and learn more about the company and position. Bre was excited and nervous, but she knew that she really wanted the job. AdaptAbilities team members supported Bre every step of the way, as there were some obstacles to overcome. The first challenge was helping her believe in herself and recognize her potential.

The second hurdle was transportation, as the worksite was in Sherwood Park and was out of city limits for DATS. Through communication and collaboration, the team at Orange Hub supported her in learning how to book Uber rides to and from work.

Bre started working in August, with full support from the Orange Hub team. Gradually, the team reduced their involvement. Bre now successfully works independently two days a week and attending Orange Hub the other days. We love getting updates on her working life!

Bre is THRIVING! She is a valued employee and independently takes transportation. She has control over her life, something so important to all of us, yet people with diverse abilities don’t always have.

AdaptAbilities is grateful to Keyera for providing this opportunity and to the Orange Hub Team for supporting and cheering Bre on. Way to go!