Meet Calvin Austrom, a decade long supporter of AdaptAbilities! Calvin and his wife started supporting AdaptAbilities, after knowing Michelle Hordal, AdaptAbilities’ Founder and CEO.

Ten years later, the Austrom family continues to support AdaptAbilities as they recognize the benefits provided to families such as the ability for beneficial breaks from caregiving.  Parents can handle everyday tasks, work outside the house, and enjoy more time with loved ones.

Calvin and his wife have three kids and note how much work it can be to raise a family, so they are happy to play a part in helping AdaptAbilities support other families in the Edmonton area.

Calvin acknowledges that AdaptAbilities’ programs provide a supportive environment where kids can feel welcome and understood and are a place where they can make friends.

He hopes more people are aware of AdaptAbilities’ Inclusion Camp (part of HIA Summer Program), where team members accompany kids to attend City of Edmonton summer camps with other kids so they can get the same summer experience!

Calvin is the Founder and President of Direct North Consulting. They help business owners get control of their businesses instead of their businesses controlling them. They train management teams to run their operations more effectively to reach their business goals faster.

Direct North Consulting’s mission is to teach business owners and managers how to accomplish more while spending less time on their businesses. They strive for continuous improvement and are on a never-ending quest to find a better way to do things!

Calvin and his wife have attended various fundraising events hosted by AdaptAbilities. Direct North Consulting recently was a sponsor at AdaptAbilities’ 2023 Breakfast. They enjoy the involvement of program participants in helping make the events a success!

In addition to attending fundraisers, they donate to a select group of charities and coach several minor sports teams each year. The Austrom family is always giving back to the community. At AdaptAbilities, we recognize the many contributions Calvin and his family have made over the years to help families and people with diverse abilities to grow, succeed and belong.

Thank you!