Nick and Timothy’s Flourishing Friendship

Friendship is one of the most valuable relationships we can have in our lives. It’s a connection between two people that is built on mutual trust, respect, and understanding. At AdaptAbilities, participants socialize with others, developing long-lasting friendships, while learning essential life skills and increasing their independence.

Nick and Timothy are both kind, young men using AdaptAbilities’ services. Nick attends Community Connect at Orange Hub and Timothy is a part of AdaptAbilities’ In-Home program. Nick and Timothy met through school and reconnected while out in the community. With their shared interest in swimming, they agreed to meet weekly to enjoy their time together and increase their level of comfort in the pool. Now, with regular weekly meet ups, they greet each other excitedly when they see one another!

Nick (left) and Timothy (right)


Timothy’s friendship and comfort level with Nick continues to grow each time they interact. With his services mainly in-home, Timothy and his family appreciate the social connection!

For Nick, this relationship encourages him to get out in the community to swim every week, which provides him consistent social interaction and physical activity to improve his physical health.

Nick and Timothy have built a strong and meaningful relationship that has enriched their lives and provided them each with a sense of belonging and support. AdaptAbilities is happy to see their friendship flourish!